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OF3D Academy
We are a school affiliated with the OF3D Group, born from the vision and passion of founder Ander Alencar, who built his life through an evolving profession, making creativity his greatest tool.

Founded with the mission of offering comprehensive courses for those who want to learn 3D rendering in Archviz, the OF3D Academy has become an international reference, helping to train thousands of professionals worldwide. With over 7,000 students, we reach students in more than 90 countries, spanning every continent on the planet.

The OF3D Academy aims to develop the maximum creative potential that exists in every human being, enabling individuals to also build their lives with personal and professional fulfillment.

Our training goes beyond teaching rendering. Focused on the future of humanity, it captures the essence of future professions and integrates people into this context, shaping creators.

Student Academic Presentation, Film and Image

The VizAcademy ArchViz course is an online course based on our many years of experience in working and learning 3D rendering. After completing our 7-week classes, you will easily create high-level architectural rendering and photorealistic design projects.

The VizAcademy training has been designed in such a way that each student has support and direct contact with teachers, what rise motivation and effectiveness of learning process.

Student Academic Presentation, Film and Image

Arch Viz Artist
At AVA, we strive to empower artists to reach their fullest creative potential. The Arch Viz Artist platform equips you with the tools to create beautiful visualizations, develop and grow your skills, design interiors, and build and expand your business. Our team works hard to ensure you have the knowledge to succeed. We also provide a platform for the arch-viz community to showcase their work, make connections, and even find job opportunities.