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Film, Image, Interactive, Film, Image, Image (Artificial Intelligence) and Viz Pro of the Year

RebusFarm is your CPU & GPU render farm with an easy-to-use interface.
Benefit from the following top features:

  • own software for a seamless integration into your workflow
  • support of all major software packages
  • 24/7 support
  • low prices of only 1.2 EUR cents/GHzh or 0.4 EUR cents/OBh
  • discounts of up to 60%
  • ControlCenter to monitor and preview your jobs
  • TeamManager tool for studios
  • 25 Euro free trial
Check our website for more details and how to get started: www.rebusfarm.net. If you have further questions, send an e-mail to info@rebusfarm.net.

Film, Image, Interactive, Film, Image, Image (Artificial Intelligence) and Viz Pro of the Year

AXYZ design
Since our inception we have explored methods and technologies to develop and deliver the best 3D characters and meet the needs of the Architectural Visualization, VFX, Film and Video Game industries.

In 2006 we were the first to offer metropoly®, a series of static and animated 3D characters very easy to use by any 3D professional. Later, in 2011, the company launched anima®, the first simple but powerful crowd animation software that manages to populate urban and architectural spaces with extreme simplicity.

In addition, since 2014 it has been the first company to offer collections of hyper-realistic characters made entirely with photogrammetric scanning technology.

As 3D characters are increasingly important in visualizations, animations and illustrations we have developed a website where you will find thousands of 3D models available in industry-standard formats, including Autodesk 3ds Max, Maxon Cinema 4D, Blender, Epic Unreal Engine, Lightwave, Rhino, Sketchup, obj, fbx, Collada, Alembic and more!

At www.axyz-design.com store you will find everything a 3D professional needs to be more creative and speed up the production processes of their work. Using anima® you can add hundreds of realistic 3D characters to your scenes and render them with any of the industry's leading rendering engines such as V-Ray, Corona, FStorm, Redshift, Arnold, Octane, Thea and Iray.

Continuous research, the development of new techniques and the joint work of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, allow our company to continue exploring ways to produce better 3D characters and even more convincing animations with a single main objective: the full satisfaction of our customers.

Film, Image, Interactive, Film, Image, Image (Artificial Intelligence) and Viz Pro of the Year

SiNi Software
SiNi Software brings to Autodesk® 3ds Max® powerful new plugins and tools to enhance 3d artists productivity and workflow, whilst engaging the rendering capabilities of leading renderers including; V-Ray, Corona, finalRender, Moskito, Redshift, FStorm, Mental Ray, Iray, Arnold, Octane.

Having been in architectural visualization for more than 25 years, we are proud to support the 3d community and CGarchitect 3d Awards.

Film, Image, Interactive, Film, Image, Image (Artificial Intelligence) and Viz Pro of the Year

Fox Renderfarm
Fox Renderfarm is the trusted CPU and GPU render farm service that supports multiple common 3D software and plugins.  We provide you with a faster, safer, cheaper, smarter, and easier architectural & animation cloud rendering service that fired up thousands of rendering nodes. High availability, no waiting necessary. Our service team serves leading advertising agencies, VFX companies, and animation studios from 50+ countries and regions. Also, we have successfully completed MPAA’s Content Security Best Practices and officially become a TPN Trusted Partner.

What's more, the electricity of Fox Renderfarm's green data centre is all generated by wind and water power which is natural & clean, it will do no harm to the environment. Every time you use Fox Renderfarm for rendering, you made contributions to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Welcome to visit our website and have a free trial: www.foxrenderfarm.com. Any questions, please contact us: service@foxrenderfarm.com

Film, Image, Interactive, Film, Image, Image (Artificial Intelligence) and Viz Pro of the Year

OF3D Academy
We are a school affiliated with the OF3D Group, born from the vision and passion of founder Ander Alencar, who built his life through an evolving profession, making creativity his greatest tool.

Founded with the mission of offering comprehensive courses for those who want to learn 3D rendering in Archviz, the OF3D Academy has become an international reference, helping to train thousands of professionals worldwide. With over 7,000 students, we reach students in more than 90 countries, spanning every continent on the planet.

The OF3D Academy aims to develop the maximum creative potential that exists in every human being, enabling individuals to also build their lives with personal and professional fulfillment.

Our training goes beyond teaching rendering. Focused on the future of humanity, it captures the essence of future professions and integrates people into this context, shaping creators.

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Film, Image, Interactive, Film, Image, Image (Artificial Intelligence) and Viz Pro of the Year

Pulze is a set of user-friendly, customizable and powerful pipeline tools that supercharge 3D visualization workflows. Designed by a group of passionate archviz experts and coders, the software family fills a gap in the industry by providing highly automated processes that increase the quality of your work in an efficient way. 

Our intuitive toolkit has been developed in close collaboration with prominent archviz and architectural firms around the world to optimize the work of professionals who handle complex projects concurrently. It is suitable for both freelancers and those who work in large teams. Due to its flexibility, it is easy to integrate into any daily routine. 

It is our pleasure to support the 3D community with our software family: Pulze Scene Manager, Render Manager and Post Manager. Start your 30-day free trial now: https://pulze.io/