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Film (Commissioned)

Credited to
Dans Digital

Production Company:Dans Digital
Director:Bohong Deng
Executive Producer:Cuimin Zhou
Executive Producer:Yan Jiang
Post production:Guanghao Xu
Editor:Yuping Duan
Layout Artist:Hongming Xiang
Photographer:Bo Yang
Photographer:Minsheng Lin
Layout Artist:Kai Fan
Post production:Yan Li
Layout Artist:Jinliang Jiang
Technical Support:Guibing Xu
Post production:Zhiqiang Chen
VFX:Quan Li
Layout Artist:Linglong Kong
Post production:Hui Yang
Layout Artist:Mingda Guan
Layout Artist:Haixiang Hong
Assistant Camera:Jujun Zhang
VFX:Quan Jiang
Layout Artist:Ruoyu Wang
Layout Artist:Junfeng Zheng
Assistant Camera:Zhichen Tang


This is a promo video for an ultra-high rise condominium in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. The property is located in an area mainly occupied by low-rise structures, and thus this skyscraper is poised to become the landmark of the region.
The film revolves around life in the clouds, forming conspicuous contrast between life above the clouds and those on the ground, and employs surreal methods to express living in tranquility and away from the hustles and bustles of the city. From a structure that seems to float in mid-air to interior decorations and ambiance, a myriad of conceptual works and designs are featured in the film with the intention of garnering the attention of and inspiring awe in the viewer.